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Spirit Wings Journey

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Ruby Alvarez, EARTH.

Ruby represents prayer and intercessors. Despite being the youngest on the team and having a tendency to worry excessively, she holds the team together.

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Earth - the hearts of men

Ruby Alavarez

Theme song 

Theme song Jordan Barnes
00:00 / 03:17
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Destiny Morris, WIND.

Destiny is a type of wisdom. While Jesse's passion causes him to act prematurely and Ruby overreacts to everything, Destiny maintains the team's focus and keeps everyone grounded and centered.  She is well-known for saying: "In the Fullness of Time".

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Destiny Morris

Wind - Hearing the Lord

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Jesse Logan, FIRE.

Jesse, a runaway from New York, is driven by passion, often leading to trouble. The girls on the team help Jesse a lot while he learns how to live in the light.  Jesse's favorite saying is "Let's Do This"!

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Jesse Logan

Fire- passion
for the Lord

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Spirit Wings Academy

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